Adding More Products To The Website

Hey there!  

 As you have probably noticed we have now started to add more products to our website that we don't personally make, like the Viking Horn Mugs, the Soap and Beard Oils etc.

 We have some more products coming soon too including Yarn for Weaving and Knitting, Weaving Looms and accessories. 

 Hopefully soon we will be able to offer more weaving classes as well for those who want to learn how to make their own woven products.

 In the coming months as well, we hope to add more items that you might find useful on your homesteads or just in general.

 Even with all these new products being added we are working hard to get more of our own woven products like the dish towels, shawls, scarves and more added on the website. 

 One of the good problems we have though with getting more of our products on the website, is people asking for custom work. We recently received an order for 20 dishtowels for a Hunting/Fishing Lodge, for their restaurant.  This ties the loom up for awhile, however we have recently added a second weaving loom to help with this.

 Thanks again for your continued support!!

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  • I love my dish towel from Thor Haven Farm! I look forward to purchasing more goodies in the future!

    Teagan Cole

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