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 We've always tried to promote shopping local and supporting the small stores and will continue to do that. It's what we are.   
 We also understand that sometimes you can't find what you want local and buying through Amazon is an option that might work better.

 Out in the country, on a homestead, it's hard to find products online and when we do, a number of those small stores don't ship. Some stores like hardware, grocery etc do deliver, but we live outside of their delivery range.

 We've had times where we drive around from store to store that we think might have the products we want. They rarely do, and when we do find that store that does, it's usually double the price. That's after already spending half a day driving, and a bunch of gas. We have used the phone as well to call, with usually little luck.

 For us, sometimes Amazon is the quickest, cheapest, or the only option for us.

 So, if you are going to buy through Amazon, can I ask you to use this link
Our Amazon Link: Amazon Link
The Amazon link takes you to the Amazon website and gives us a small commission if you buy anything.
**You pay the exact same price as you would going to the Amazon website directly**
 If you are going to buy through Amazon, why not have your friends benefit as well as Jeff Bezos!

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