Brigittes Famous Dish Towels

Why are Brigittes Famous Dish Towels so famous?
Well, first you have to ask yourself if you have ever tried to dry dishes, or wipe up a spill with a store bought dish towel.
You have probably got frustrated because you just move the moisture, wetness or spill around.
The store bought dish towel doesn't actually soak up anything, it's just there till you get a bigger towel right?
Why is that?
The main reason for that is due to the thread size that Brigitte uses because she hand weaves vs "machine" weaves.
See, cause Brigitte does it by hand, she can use any size of yarn in her weaving. This is because she uses her hands and arms to throw the shuttle (which holds the yarn) back and forth through the lengthwise yarn.
A commercial producer, needs to use very small diameter yarn because it's thrown by air or water jet!!
So, to start off with, Brigittes yarn is double the size of any commercial made dish towel.
Now, on top of that, a commercial made dish towel "fires" that small yarn through the weave using air or water, but it does it only one way. It's one strand of yarn, that is cut to size, shot through the weave, each time.
Brigitte, uses one continuous long strand, back and forth, over and over, creating on massive cohesive unit, that performs above your expectations.
So when you blame your store bought dish towel for moving the wetness around, just stop, throw that dish towel away, buy one of Brigittes and then take a deep breath, knowing your have saved yourself countless hours of housework.
These towels may look too good to use them, but trust us, they will withstand any torture you throw at them!!!!

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