About Us

Darren and Brigitte have been working towards creating their own piece of Valhalla on earth north of Quebec City, Canada.

 In our pursuit of being self sufficient we sometimes have extra produce we can offer as well as art and other creations made by our own hands here on our small homestead. We have recently added some products made locally and others you might find interest and helpful.
 Brigittes family has been in the area for many generations and spent a lot of time on the land hunting, trapping, logging and farming.
She has traveled numerous times to Northern Canada and draws from many friends and people she has met on her journeys that influences her art. Combined with her Quebecois heritage she is able to offer some very unique pieces for you.

Darren can trace one "line of his people" back through Scotland, France and back to Norway and pulls from that for the spirit of the homestead.  Growing up in a small village of 500 people, he spent a lot of time around and on farms.